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Strategic Planning

City of Barrie Department of Culture Marketing Plan

After completing the research of the arts and culture market for the City of Barrie, we were asked to prepare the Strategic Plan for marketing Barrie's arts and culture offerings. The project involved depth-interviews, workshops, SWOT analysis in order to prepare a cohesive plan to market Barrie's culture products to local and regional audiences.

Grey County Tourism, Action Plan

We were retained to prepare a 3-year action plan for Grey County Tourism, including development of a tourism brand for the County. The project included an intercept visitor survey, online visitor survey, in-depth interviews and workshops with tourism stakeholders. The Action Plan included recommendations, actions, timing and budget organized according to four pillars: tourism roles and responsibilities, research, demand generators and destination positioning.

Living Green/Environmental Action Barrie, Strategic Plan

Environmental Action Barrie was at a crossroads when the City of Barrie took over the solid-waste recycling project that had been its mainstay for the past decade. We worked with the Board of Directors to develop a new direction for the organization, which included changing its working name to "Living Green", closing the office and setting up a virtual presence on the internet. The strategic plan and business plan, which were developed through a series of workshop meetings, have helped the organization raise its profile and become an effective environmental resource within the community.

Simcoe County Training Board, Strategic Plan

The Ontario government required this diverse group of stakeholders to prepare a strategic plan to help solidify the role of the Training Board in the community. Using a series of workshops, we worked with the volunteer board develop its strategic plan. As a result, the Simcoe County Training Board is now recognized as one of the most successful training boards in the province. The board members work together to address the special training needs of all of its eight reference groups. We continue to provide advice and facilitate workshops for this group, as needed.

Tourism Barrie, Strategic Plan

We were retained to prepare the Strategic Plan for Tourism Barrie, the Destination Marketing Organization for the City of Barrie and surrounding area. The project involved review of Tourism Barrie activities, stakeholder interviews, workshops with Board members and preparation of the Strategic Plan and detailed Action Plan.

Grieving Children at Seasons Centre, Strategic Plan

The Seasons Centre has provided program support for children struggling with grief due to the death or long-term illness of a loved one since 1995. It is the only centre in Canada offering this type of support. We worked with the Board of Directors and staff to develop a Strategic Plan to help the organization focus its efforts and increase its funding base to ensure that the centre can continue to deliver its much-needed services into the future.

Toronto Ski Club, Strategic Plan and Members Survey

Toronto Ski Club is the oldest ski club in Canada and has turned out some of Canada's finest ski racers. The Club invested over $1 million in a new clubhouse facility, but recognized that more than a building was needed to solidify its position within the Blue Mountain milieu. In 2003, we combined workshops with a members' survey to help the Board of Directors chart the future course of the club. In 2007, the Board recognized that most recommendations had been implemented and we were retained to conduct another members' survey and prepared an updated strategic plan to address evolving club demographics and expansion into the green season.

Tourism Barrie and City of Orillia, Lake Simcoe Tourism Area Assessment

We facilitated the Tourism Ontario's Premier-Ranked Tourist Destination process for the Lake Simcoe Area. This systematic process measures the market status of a tourism destination to provide basic input for strategically planning the future development of the destination's tourism economy. We helped the project team customize the survey tool, analyzed the survey results, facilitated steering committee meetings and prepared the final report and recommendations.

Tourism Barrie, Strategic Plan

We were retained to prepare the Strategic Plan for Tourism Barrie, the Destination Marketing Organization for the City of Barrie and surrounding area. The project involved review of Tourism Barrie activities, stakeholder interviews, workshops with Board members and preparation of the Strategic Plan and detailed Action Plan.

Tourism & Recreation Research

Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club, Members Research

The Board of Directors of the golf club embarked on a three-year strategic plan to consider many different maintenance and expansion options in the context of rapid growth in the Collingwood region. We undertook a membership survey to help the board understand the members' concerns and priorities. With an 85% response rate, the Board was confident that the strategic plan matched the expectations of the membership. The survey results were presented to the Board and over 200 members at the members' annual general meeting.

City of Barrie, Created in Barrie: Arts and Culture Market Research

As part of the implementation of the City of Barrie's Arts and Culture development strategy, we undertook research regarding perceptions of and participation in the arts and cultural opportunities available in the City of Barrie. The project included a telephone survey of 700 Barrie residents and 700 regional residents, as well as a focus groups with Barrie residents. The results will be used by the Culture Department as well as Tourism Barrie and arts and culture groups to encourage the growth of Barrie as a regional centre for arts and culture.

Georgian Bay Destination Development Committee, Georgian Bay Icon Evaluation and Tracking

The Destination Marketing Organizations representing tourism businesses around Georgian Bay have come together to develop Georgian Bay as a tourism icon. We developed and implemented an ongoing research plan to obtain and analyze feedback from visitors a 17 sites around Georgian Bay. We developed the survey, trained DMO staff to conduct the interviews, tracked the responses and analyzed the results over multiple years.

Goliger's TravelPlus, Ecotourism Market Assessment

A very successful travel agency was exploring a new market niche. The owner needed insight from travelers who ventured on ecotourism excursions. Focus groups of adventure travelers provided input into travel habits, destination preferences, research and planning expectations and customer loyalty. The owner has continued to build this market niche.

Grey County Tourism, Tourism Research

Grey County Tourism was looking for a better understanding of its tourism market. We assisted them by: customizing the Georgian Bay survey for Grey County and analyzing the results. We also prepared an up-to-date environmental scan based on secondary source research, a geographic analysis based on FSAs from contests and inquiries and developed a tracking system for accommodation, attractions and events.

International Joint Commission, Great Lakes Visitor Research

We prepared the Visitor Research Component of the Tourism Assessment of Fluctuating Water Levels for the Recreational Boating, Cruise Ship and Tourism Technical Working Group of the International Joint Commission. The project involved developing an intercept survey that was administered at four sites: Thunder Bay, Midland-Penetanguishene, Sarnia-Port Huron and Toledo-Sandusky. RMCG was responsible for hiring and supervising local interviewers. The survey results were analyzed and reported for each site individually and overall, as well.

Midland-Penetanguishene Tourism Consortium, Visitor Surveys

The Consortium was preparing an overall tourism marketing strategy for the Midland-Penetanguishene Region. As part of this process, we developed and implemented three biannual summer and fall visitor surveys at the major tourism facilities. Our responsibilities included survey design, interviewer training, data analysis and interpretation. The results and recommendations provided the basis for an overall regional tourism marketing strategy.

Ontario's Lake Country, Casino Rama Exit Survey

Ontario's Lake Country, an organization representing the tourism industry in the Orillia region, wanted to learn more about recreational gamblers visiting Casino Rama. We developed, administered and analyzed an exit survey and conducted focus groups. The results were used to develop and market regional tourist experiences for Casino visitors.

Parks and Recreation Ontario, Summer Active Evaluation

Summer Active is a national campaign to increase Canadians' participation in fitness activities during the period leading into summer. We evaluated the 2006 Ontario Summer Active Program and made recommendations to guide PRO as it implements and assesses Summer Active 2007 based on in-depth interviews with representatives of participating organizations and a workshop with key stakeholders.

Parks Canada, VIP Surveys

Since 1996, Parks Canada has used a standard survey format (VIP survey) to obtain feedback from visitors at all of its parks and sites. The surveys are conducted on a 5-year cycle and cover visitors' travel patterns, expenditures, behaviour, satisfaction and learning from educational programs. We analyzed the results and prepared the final reports for the VIP surveys undertaken by Parks Canada staff at Waterton National Park, SS Klondike National Historic Site and Churchill Manitoba.

Parks Canada, Audience Reach Research

In order to reach Greater Toronto residents with a "green" mindset, Parks Canada had an exhibit at the Toronto Green Living Show, an event that attracted 25,000 people over three days. The exhibit provided insight into Canada's National Parks, National Historic sites and National Marine Conservation Areas by combining static and interactive displays with videos and interaction with Parks Canada interpreters. We conducted and a systematic audience observational research study of visitors to the exhibit using handheld computers and Techneos Entryware mobile survey software. In the final report, the visitor patterns were compared to the observations of the previous year.

Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons, Visitor Survey

In order to plan future development, programming and interpretation for this provincial historical site, information about visitors' characteristics and motivations were required. We developed a visitor exit survey, which was administered by Saint Marie staff over the summer season. The project included: questionnaire design, staff training and debriefing, data analysis and presentation of results. The research was used to guide the marketing activities and programming at the site.

South Georgian Bay Events Research

We prepared a core visitor survey and customized it for four South Georgian Bay Events (Salsa, Elvis, Centurion and Apple Harvest Festivals) that received Celebrate Ontario funding. We were also responsible for administering the surveys (online & intercept interviews) and analyzing the results related to visitor demographics, behaviour and attitudes.

ScoreGolf, Links for Women Golf School Evaluation

ScoreGolf required systematic feedback from participants in the Links for Women Golf School, which is held at 5 different golf clubs across Canada. We developed and administered an online survey. Results from over 500 past participants were used to further develop and refine this golf school that is successfully introducing Canadian women to golf for business and pleasure.

ScoreGolf, Links for Women Golf School Data Base Management and Registration Survey

ScoreGolf had collected registration and exit survey information from Links for Women Golf School participants for 5 years. However, the databases were inconsistent and did not meet the program marketing and development needs. We assembled the longitudinal data into a consistent database and developed an integrated online registration system to provide real time reports for the golf instructors and seasonal reports for the Links for Women event manager.

Regional Health Care Research

District of Muskoka, Muskoka Cares - Health Sector Labour Market Research

Similar to other rural areas of Ontario, the Muskoka region was experiencing a critical undersupply of health care professionals, particularly nurses, to delivery health care services. We developed and implemented a research project to assess the situation from the perspective of the 23 organizations delivery primary health care in the region and the nurses, allied professionals and assisting occupations. The project included a forum, focus groups, depth interviews and online survey and the results were presented in a written report as well as a workshop with stakeholders. The project was funded by the Ministryy of Community and Social Services as a Local Demonstration Project.

Simcoe County Palliative End-of-Life Care Network, Patient Tracking Study

The Simcoe County Palliative End-of-Life Care Network wanted to learn more about the characteristics of palliative end-of-life care patients who are currently using hospital services in Simcoe County. A systematic patient record form was developed for palliative care co-ordinators, using a handheld computer. The information will be used to present a case for strengthening palliative care services in Simcoe County.

Royal Victoria Hospital, Regional PCI Project Evaluation

The Regional PCI Project was initiated to focus on the continuum of care when patients are transferred to the Southlake Regional Hospital from the referring hospitals for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). To help evaluate this project, we developed, analyzed and interpreted four research tools that tracked patients and examined the process from the perspective of the nursing staff, patients and caregivers. The results were used to fine-tune this process and to evaluate applying this model.

Small Business

Botanix, Customer Survey

We were retained to develop, administer and analyze the results of an online customer survey for Botanix, Barrie's Garden Centre. This relatively new garden centre has been working hard to carve out a niche in the rapidly growing Barrie market. The survey examined gardeners' behaviour and shopping patterns and explored on customers' experiences at the Barrie Botanix location. The results provide the basis for the garden centres ongoing strategic planning process.

Canada Ontario Business Service Centre, Business Client Intelligence Strategic Workshop

We facilitated a workshop with representatives of federal, provincial and municipals departments that are involved in research of small and medium business enterprises to identify areas where collaboration and communication would help co-ordinate research projects. Participants felt the workshop was extremely valuable, and left with tangible action items to facilitate improvement.

Canada Ontario Business Service Centre, Client Feedback Strategy

As part of its mandate to provide high quality business related information to small and mediums sized businesses in Ontario, COBSC asked us to assess the ongoing client feedback strategy and recommend modifications to optimize the relevance of information gathered. We developed a framework that built on the ongoing client survey with customized market segment research to enhance understanding of client need priorities and COBSC performance issues.

Deloitte, Technology Fast Fifty

We were retained to analyze and interpret the results of Deloitte's annual survey of leading edge Canadian technology companies, as part of their program to recognize excellence in business.

G'Nadjiwon Ki Aboriginal Tourism Association, Business Plan

The newly formed G'Nadjiwon Ki Aboriginal Tourism Association required a business plan to take the group into the 21st century. In conjunction with The Tourism Company, we conducted the background research and developed a 3-year business plan (organization and operations plan, financial plan and implementation plan). We are currently preparing a business plan for G'Nadjiwon Ki's proposed Midland destination, The First People's Gathering Place.

Nottawasaga Futures, Business Retention and Expansion Survey

Nottawasaga Futures had undertaken a business and retention survey of representative businesses throughout its catchment area, using a survey instrument developed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. We analyzed the survey results and presented them to community leaders of the five municipalities surveyed: Adjala-Tosorontio, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Essa, Innisfil and New Tecumseth.

On The Bay Magazine and 97.7 The Beach

We undertook a telephone survey of residents in the Southern Georgian Bay area to gain insight into their media reading and listening habits. The results are being used by On The Bay Magazine and 97.7 The Beach to better understand their readers/listeners in order to improve the competitiveness and quality of their products.

Orillia Community Development Corporation, Business Opportunities Project

The Orillia CDC wanted to learn more about business retention and expansion in the region. We developed and administered a survey to 2,600 businesses in the Orillia region, focusing on opportunities and barriers to growth and the role of technology and innovation. The results were presented at four community (Orillia, Severn, Oro-Medonte, Ramara) workshops as part of an ongoing plan to improve business opportunities in the region.

Facilitation and Training

Canadian Evaluation Society, Survey Research Workshops

Through the Canadian Evaluation Society, we deliver the one-day intermediate-level workshop to employees of government and not-for-profit organizations involved in survey research. For some participants, the session is a refresher, for others it provides an update, particularly for integrating new technology to streamline both qualitative and quantitative research.

Gryphon Theatre, Audience Focus Groups

Understanding how your patrons perceive your market brand is an important to developing and marketing any product. As part of the Gryphon Theatre branding project, we moderated focus groups to gain insight into patrons' perceptions, satisfaction and suggestions related to the theatre's current brand image.

Honda Canada Manufacturing, Associate Communication Training

Meeting facilitation skills are important leadership tools, particularly in an industrial setting. Workshops were developed to teach Honda associates to facilitate focus group sessions following the plant-wide employee survey. The success of this initiative resulted in ongoing workshops, and over 150 associates have learned the skills needed to successfully facilitate ongoing focus groups and two-way meetings.

Institute for Citizen-Centred Service, Customer Survey Research Workshop

Customer survey research is an integral component of the quality service strategy of this inter-governmental initiative aimed at improving the quality of customer service of Canadian public service agencies. We designed and delivered a half-day workshop for 40 public service employees at the Common Measurements Tool Learning Day Conference in Toronto. Also we researched and developed recommendations regarding methodological issues for longitudinal Citizen's First" studies of Canadian citizens.

Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, CMRE Prep Workshop

The CMRP (Certified Marketing Research Professional designation) was introduced to raise the level of professionalism within the marketing research industry. The CMRP accredits the knowledge of experienced marketing research practitioners. A two day workshop was designed and is delivered annually to assist CMRE candidates prepare for the seven hour exam. A series of teaching modules with case studies provides the ideal learning environment to practice examination writing skills and for obtaining constructive feedback.

Ontario Management Board Secretariat, Customer Survey Training Workshop

The Ontario Public Service has placed the improvement of the customer service as a top priority. All 23 ministries are required to measure the level of customer service through customer surveys. Our challenge was to design, pilot and deliver a two-day workshop to teach Ontario Public Service employees with the basic skills to manage customer surveys.

Simcoe County Training Board, Strategic Plan

The Ontario government required this diverse group of stakeholders to prepare a strategic plan to help solidify the role of the Training Board in the community. Using a series of workshops, we worked with the volunteer board develop its strategic plan. As a result, the Simcoe County Training Board is now recognized as one of the most successful training boards in the province. The board members work together to address the special training needs of all of its eight reference groups. We continue to provide advice and facilitate workshops for this group, as needed.

The Weather Network, SPSS Training

Like other television stations, The Weather Network relied on standard industry surveys, such as Neilson Ratings, to keep in touch with viewer needs and expectations. As its services expand to encompass both Internet and television delivery, the organization recognized that on-line surveys could provide a wealth of information about its audience. We developed a training session to introduce the marketing and research staff to SPSS to allow them to analyze on-line research in an effective and timely manner.

York Region Community Services and Housing, Customer Research Workshop

A two-day workshop was held with staff to help them understand the basics of customer research. The session focused on setting goals and objectives, selecting appropriate methods, designing questionnaires and developing appropriate question wording. Hands-on exercises allowed the participants to practice what they had learned.